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Finally get my new blog up after a year of procasination. Guess it is time to finally say bye bye to this blog who has faithfully served me for 6 years! Can you believe it? My first post was in year 2006! When I was only in my early twenties? haha ops... I think I kinda reveal my age but then well I still think I am always 18!

I will be updating at so do drop by...


Not sure if it works but I sure hope it does! :)

Ed hardy IPAD cover

Seriously I will buy this if I ever have an IPAD.

Amber...keep on dreaming...haha

Saw this Ed hardy IPAD cover last week in orchard and I totally fell in love with it!

God, hear my prayers!! :)

Check this out! "Life in a DAY" project

Chanced upon this and I find it really interesting! :)

"Life in a Day" project

This is a project where you can submit a video footage on what happen in your life on 24th JULY. It can be anything that you want to submit and you can upload your footage in youtube. Your footage will have a chance to be featured in a documentary film edited by Kevin Macdonald and executive-produced by Ridley Scott. :)

Please read below link to find out more.

Interesting right? W320 are you all interested to try this out?? haha


Took this picture last week and I like it! :)

This week is going to be a tiring week for me becos Pastor Mike is in town! First day of bible school is already filled with an hour of holy laughter.. :) haha

I dont dare to walk out from Artiste Room because I might just roll on the floor laughing.

Really love the presence of God.

Update more later...


A blonde and a brunette were watching the 11:00 pm news. The current news story was about a man up on a ledge and threatening to jump, when the station cuts to a commercial. Brunette: I bet you $20 he's going to jump. Blonde: OK.(Back to newscast : He jumped!)Blonde: OK. I lost. Here's my $20 to you. Brunette: No, that was too easy. I can't take it. Blonde: I insist. I lost. Brunette: I have a confession to make. I saw the same thing on the 6:00pm news and I knew he jumped. So it wasn't really a good bet. Blonde: I know. I saw the same newscast at 6 too. But I didn't think he would be stupid enough to jump TWICE!.


A blonde walks into the library. She walks up to the counter, SLAMS a book down and screams at the librarian, - "This is the WORST book I've ever read! "" ""It has NO plot and far too many characters! ""The librarian looks up and calmly remarks -""So, you're the one who took our phonebook.

Falling in Love (Six Part Invention)

Really love this song! :) If you wanna listen to it, please click on the MIXPOD that is on the right column. You can search for the song.

* Wanna try this photoshoot someday... :)

You and me, we got along just fine

But deep inside I know there is more

Right next to you

I know you're the right one

Can't fight this feeling, I'm taking chances now

In my heart I feel that this is something real

I don't wanna let this moment go


Why oh Why, Do I feel this way?

When I'm with you I feel so alive

Why oh Why, will I hide away

I can't help it

I'm FALLING IN LOVE with you

Never ending nights when I'm alone with you

A lifetime of dreams coming true

Nothing comes close to what we have right now

You're the only one that matters now

In my heart I feel that this is something real

I don't wanna let this moment go


What if I fall in love?

What if I make you mine?

I wanna know if you'll be there by my side


You and me, we got along just fine

But deep inside I know there


Seriously, if you havent try Igoogle, you got to try it! I am so fascinated by my homepage now. How I wish Google can improve it further.

I have 2 pets on my homescreen and I think they are cute! Gosh I feel like a small girl with 2 pets on my homepage. Its a Panda and a Mousey. Actually I dont have to do much except to feed it with food but still they are pretty much of a "distraction" from work. After facing students all day, virtual pets seem quite a good option. haha!

And I do like the fact that I can personalise my homepage with things to do list and I can blog as and when I like. Except that I cannot post photos YET. I hope the word is YET.

Google please do something to improve it!!

And I will update the below entry soon... Really amaze at how God puts everything together...

Oh Happy Day

Just did something very meaningful today. Thank God for the chance!! Yeah!! Just finish talking to a sot student and I feel really good. Grateful to Pastor Ming for giving me this chance! Will share it later.. :)

June -- Kboxing

June is a month of KBOXing!!

I cannot remember how many times I been there with different group of friends. :) but since it is school holidays so YUP... my girls like to sing!!

Especially this girl below. Can you guess who is she?

As long as Regina and Yifei started singing, Erm we will need to wait very long for our turn! haha

Hanging out with my CG girls, make me feel so young. haha and I totally think they are awesome. I didnt realised that my girls can be so crappy. "CULTURE MANDATE" :) 

Seriously I want to go more often with them. I really thank God for the chance to fellowship with them.

Honestly when I know TODAY school reopens, I was as sad as them.. :(

Going to miss them!!

Cg fellowship

Sometimes they really amaze me. why they can keep on playing the same game again and again?

Love will get you to do the simplest thing for someone you love over and over again. I am so so proud of my cg!

I seriously thank God that they truly love people. I mean honestly what can a 19 year old fellowship with a 14 year old?

Loving people is difficult and we are not afraid! :)

I love W320!!!!!!

Guess where??

Its pretty obvious but I am on my way to SENTOSA!!! So excited!! :)

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Really feel so loved for the FRESH SUPPER delivered to my doorstep by chinming n eileen. Thanks! You two are simply awesome!!!
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Preaching Test

Evaluating the 'anxious' students now...on the topic of prosperity

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testing! :)

ET zone rocks!

i wonder if this works...

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Trying out something new... so yup... :) haha

Time to revive!

Yes...finally find some time to revive my blog :) and I cut my hair!!

So here goes a list of outdated events.. haha

The dumplings that they made were really nice! So before they go back to china, I am gonna invite them to come and cook for us first... I guarantee you will not eat any SINGAPORE dumplings after you have tried theirs. I ate like 10 over dumplings. Simply delicious.

Get to know this girl and have a really special relationship with her. Thank God for the chance to pray for her too. I really think she is a very brave girl. Of course I really love her present!!!!! So me loh.

Went shopping with Melvin some time back and I really think he look very ERM "Metrosexual" and I "force" him to take photos... haha

I simply cannot resist DURIAN! Especially Mountain Cat King.. Yummy!

I know the posts are all so random.. but duh...who cares.. haha

阿妹A MEI/阿密特 A MIT - 好膽你就來

This song has been ringing in my head ever since Bennie intro me.. haha I know this song is so but I really think its nice. :P You know kinda like a version of Bad Romance. Gonna let my mummy hear..

Where have you been?

Well..obviously busy.. :) haha
with many things in my life

Just to name a few..

Miaoyu (small little girl below)

she successfully capture my heart. Guess she remind me when I was serving with children church. Sometimes hanging out with children makes me less stress. Adults are more troublesome at times. She is so adorable. Some people thought that she is my daughter..but hey..look at picture above, I look like her sister ok..not her mum. Though I guess if I marry really early, I might really have a daughter of her age. haha.

And she is funny because she wants my boyfriend to be her husband. :) Well cause she thinks Michael is handsome. haha so I guess thats a compliment for him.

So now Michael will ask me: "How is my little wife doing?"


And I painted my nails some weeks proud of myself.
Cant remember when was the last time I did that?

but still proud of my effort. And I am still waiting for Joycelyn to paint my nails for me in a more professional manner. After her exams, I am going to bug her... haha

Introducing my "SILLY" looking specs..

My mum says I look "cute" and thats so hilarious hearing from your own mum.

Well Baobei also join in my fun.

I realised that Baobei cant really cook well except I think he can cook nice egg!
 (look at pic below)

Dont you think it looks YUMMY?

I cant imagine my life without my wonderful CG members. Always love fellowshipping with them.

They always make my day! with Bennie admist our mountain high work :)
Went for shopping with her 2 weeks back and bought a top and skirt. She is really one good friend! Enjoy our honest moments together. Bennie Jia you!

One of the "PERKS" of being an SOT staff: you get to see Musicians falling asleep while waiting for their turn to go on stage. haha. perhaps both of them will flip when they know I posted this but well who cares. This is to say thank you to them for always "bullying" me.

and many more pictures that will make their way to my blog when I am free. :)

Haagen Dazs ice-cream

Yummy! :) spending time with kelvin, tianyi n huiting..
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Saint Arts Leisure Cafe!

Come down to our Leisure Cafe this SUN!

Going to be another awesome time of FUN..

New twins??

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Supper in sot hostel!

Yup.. Have fun time eating sushi in sot hostel.. :) yum yum!
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Overnight in hospital

Went to hospital last week n stayed overnight. Took a picture of the ward outside view. I know this picture doesn't tell much but precisely I don't know what I want to tell! Haha I was really tired at that time n I really almost collapse..
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Yuppie.. I really love my cat! I know most people are not cat lover. I used to really dislike cats till I met xiaohei n he change my life! :) No matter how busy I am, I never forget to give xiaohei a hug whenever I can!
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New hairstyle

Took a photo in toilet for baobei to see my new hairstyle... :) I know its kinda wierd but please bear with me because baobei request for it... Haha
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Missing for so long

I know I have been gone from cyberspace for so long!! but I am really busy...and if you are around me, you will know how busy I have been. For the last one month, I dont really think I have a good sleep!

Airport --> Hostel --> Airport -->Hostel --> Airport --> Hostel

But still I love my Job and I thank God that I can have this opportunity to serve HIM. Even though I often feel I didnt really do a good job...but still thank God for His grace, I managed to pull through.

I really feel very blissed and blessed by everything in my life. No complaints! Except..I didnt get to see michael in march.. :( so sad... really missing him. He had been really busy too serving God in His own ways.. so I cant complain much too. I know it must have been busy and tiring for him too.

I can remember one night how we talked to each other on the phone and we have no recollections that we actually talked, till I saw the phone call I made from my phone. Thats how tired we are! But thank God for his love! :) I can't wait to see Baobei again.


Happy Chinese New Year

Another year has passed.... and its CNY again. To me CNY is always a season of sleeping and eating. I dont really have many relatives in Singapore. And yeah, only one family to go visit and that marks the end of my visitation. Lonely hor... :)

Yesterday night Eileen was so sweet. She came over to accompany me and stayed throughout the whole night watching dramas with me. She also brought food for me to eat. Ah, love her!!

While everybody is happy for chinese new year, I am excitedly waiting for 15th feb because I can finally see Michael again. Miss him!! So happy that he can come over and spend at least 2 days with me.

Everyone is happy taking angbow this year, but I am looking just forward to him coming singapore. Even though this year, I still can receive angbow but LOVE is more important than MONEY. haha.. I cant wait for 初一 to be over so I can see him!

You are my superman and I am your wonderwoman

So busy with work, manage to squeeze some time to meet cgc for a gathering plus meeting to discuss events. And we celebrated VIVI bday too! :)

Halfway, received a call from Evan to go Jurong West to I chiong cab down with Eileen, Chinming and Kaixiang. Really grateful to them for helping out. Prior to that, Jinsheng, nixie and yifei went down to help as well...really so proud of my members. Children Church event they will help, everywhere they also go!!

Saw Bennie and Regina over there too!! Where's dorcas??

Sometimes I really love to serve God in simple things.

Wrapping boxes remind me when you love God, you will do anything for HIM.

and now back home to work again for SOT.

Tired but happy! :)

"You are my Superman and I am your wonderwoman"

So funny today, I told baobei, you are my superman and he say I am his wonderwoman. Few minutes later on, Kaixiang meet me wearing a T-shirt that says exactly the same sentence. haha. I told kaixiang, wah, can flow! hehe

And SUPERMAN is going back to school, taking Master in Theology. Happy for you!!

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God is GOODA!!!!

So busy these few days..and first time worked in office till 130am! :)
thank God for Pei pei who stayed in Jurong and we cabbed back together...Now I find a CAB partner. ops...must learn to save money because I want to give more for building fund!

I love to be busy I guess..better than not doing anything.
"God is attracted to movement"

Today we received a good news for the china students coming SOT, so happy for them.
We all agree prayer works!


Miss Michael so much...and he is so so so busy. I think I am busy but when I looked at him, I think he really win me. Anyway so proud of baobei, today he was invited to one of GBI new branch church to preach. I believed he must have done a really good job!! How I wish I can see baobei preach! Never have the chance, come to think of it so funny right?

your own boyfriend is a preacher and you never see him preach.
So ironic.

I cant wait to see him soon on 15th Feb! Baobei I love you!

Today I finally learnt how to apply fake eyelashes too. Cindy organised a make-up class for the ladies in office. Bennie and Dorcas attended too! I have fun putting on fake eyelashes, but cindy say I never press properly. haha, well practise makes perfect. Gonna try to put it more often, but then that is provided I can wake up early to do that. We shall see..

And Mummy was so sweet, change new curtains for me though haha I dont like the new curtains because too flowery. But it is mummy love for me so yup I will learn to love it!

Oh..sunday service when we have our friendship expression board, I think it really look usual on the board you always see wierd a guy putting his number on the board and asking a girl to give him a call. so diaoz right?

Well really love my life right now and everything that I AM DOING!

TATA for tonight..

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