Seriously, if you havent try Igoogle, you got to try it! I am so fascinated by my homepage now. How I wish Google can improve it further.

I have 2 pets on my homescreen and I think they are cute! Gosh I feel like a small girl with 2 pets on my homepage. Its a Panda and a Mousey. Actually I dont have to do much except to feed it with food but still they are pretty much of a "distraction" from work. After facing students all day, virtual pets seem quite a good option. haha!

And I do like the fact that I can personalise my homepage with things to do list and I can blog as and when I like. Except that I cannot post photos YET. I hope the word is YET.

Google please do something to improve it!!

And I will update the below entry soon... Really amaze at how God puts everything together...


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