My Life

Amber is a girl who believes in God.

(Duh, my blog address says it all!)

I humbly came into this world on 6th November (but I will not mentioned the year) and have spent my whole life trying to know more about myself.

The four most important things to me now are:

On top of these, I love Fashion too! :)
In fact, I always wanted to study fashion designing when I was young, but eventually due to the pressure of society, I took a SAFE business degree majoring in marketing.
In fact if you do not know, during my school holidays, I actually work as a dresser for fashion show. What does a dresser do? help to dress up models for runway ! :) haha I accepted this job because I cannot resist looking at all the beautiful clothes but it is real hardwork!
However eventually I still end up working in SOT. (And I am loving my job!)

well at least I can set up my first blogshop (Coming Soon)

My daily dose of happiness comes from BUBBLE TEA!

and I am a movie/TV fanatic!
Joshua says: "It is hard to name a movie that Amber has not watched before."
(Hands up to that statement!) ^_^
In addition,
I do play computer games! (Kinda rare for girls)
and my latest "addiction" is left 4 dead 2.
I seriously starting to fall in love with my Blackberry Curve
And one of my favourite hobby
(whether you believe it or not)
is to CHANGE hairstyles!
Let the pictures do the talking..

OK...thats all for NOW...


Evangeline said...
4:19 PM

Wow, your hairstyle all so nice... Where you cut your hair???

Amber said...
2:41 AM

hmm actually all at different place. I not very loyal right? :P

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