ASIA Conference Electives

Asia Conference has been fun! and I cant wait for more to come....God please LENGTHEN the conference time! Well, I am tried physically (as if i just ran 2.4km), haha, but I am really excited in my spirit.

I cant wait to go for my next elective.. Effective Counselling by Mike Connell... Ah!! my favourite minister of all time! :) And I have decided to go for the dynamics of a worship band...u know why? because of SIDNEY...haha I dont really know why I want to go but I really want to see yup..haha...I really like the songs he wrote. It always touches my heart alot alot.

So far I have attended Being a good PA to pastor, Starting a Market Place ministry and Song Writing...and I love it all. I wanted to attend "being a good PA" because I want to serve my leaders better. I really like the points being shared. And melvin who attended the elective with me says he wants to be a good PA to me! haha. Pastor Meng was really funny at the "Market Place ministry". He has always been so fatherly..and everytime looking at him really brightens my day. I really want to write alot more on what I have learnt, but I dont really have much time because I am getting ready to attend my next elective very soon. If I have a choice I think I want to attend all! Haha..I know I am kinda greedy but I am hungry for the word of God!

This morning I woke up and God spoke to me, He asked me if I am ready for tonight...and I replied Him with a smile "Ever Ready!" I dont know why but I just feel that tonight going to be a teary night for me. :)
Some pple spend their whole life trying to find their passion.
And I am glad
I am spending my whole life in my passion


ED said...
9:32 PM

Ya...looking forward to u being a good P.A :) haha

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