You are my superman and I am your wonderwoman

So busy with work, manage to squeeze some time to meet cgc for a gathering plus meeting to discuss events. And we celebrated VIVI bday too! :)

Halfway, received a call from Evan to go Jurong West to I chiong cab down with Eileen, Chinming and Kaixiang. Really grateful to them for helping out. Prior to that, Jinsheng, nixie and yifei went down to help as well...really so proud of my members. Children Church event they will help, everywhere they also go!!

Saw Bennie and Regina over there too!! Where's dorcas??

Sometimes I really love to serve God in simple things.

Wrapping boxes remind me when you love God, you will do anything for HIM.

and now back home to work again for SOT.

Tired but happy! :)

"You are my Superman and I am your wonderwoman"

So funny today, I told baobei, you are my superman and he say I am his wonderwoman. Few minutes later on, Kaixiang meet me wearing a T-shirt that says exactly the same sentence. haha. I told kaixiang, wah, can flow! hehe

And SUPERMAN is going back to school, taking Master in Theology. Happy for you!!

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