God is GOODA!!!!

So busy these few days..and first time worked in office till 130am! :)
thank God for Pei pei who stayed in Jurong and we cabbed back together...Now I find a CAB partner. ops...must learn to save money because I want to give more for building fund!

I love to be busy I guess..better than not doing anything.
"God is attracted to movement"

Today we received a good news for the china students coming SOT, so happy for them.
We all agree prayer works!


Miss Michael so much...and he is so so so busy. I think I am busy but when I looked at him, I think he really win me. Anyway so proud of baobei, today he was invited to one of GBI new branch church to preach. I believed he must have done a really good job!! How I wish I can see baobei preach! Never have the chance, come to think of it so funny right?

your own boyfriend is a preacher and you never see him preach.
So ironic.

I cant wait to see him soon on 15th Feb! Baobei I love you!

Today I finally learnt how to apply fake eyelashes too. Cindy organised a make-up class for the ladies in office. Bennie and Dorcas attended too! I have fun putting on fake eyelashes, but cindy say I never press properly. haha, well practise makes perfect. Gonna try to put it more often, but then that is provided I can wake up early to do that. We shall see..

And Mummy was so sweet, change new curtains for me though haha I dont like the new curtains because too flowery. But it is mummy love for me so yup I will learn to love it!

Oh..sunday service when we have our friendship expression board, I think it really look nice...as usual on the board you always see wierd things...like a guy putting his number on the board and asking a girl to give him a call. so diaoz right?

Well really love my life right now and everything that I AM DOING!

TATA for tonight..


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