A very BUSY december

Amber is going to have a VERY busy but fruitful DECEMBER...

Month of December

Already over
2nd : w320 prayer 365 riverwalk.(open to all)
4th : w389 n w513 prayer 365 riverwalk.(open to all)

Coming SOON...
5th : 1pm at riverwalk camp prayer meeting.
9th-11th : Et youth camp Believe.
14th : Et zone overnight prayer meeting.
19th - 20th : candlelight services.
20th : subzone Christmas party after service! (evangelistic)
24th -25th : Christmas services!!
27th: service as usual!!
It is going to be packed, packed and packed December!

thats why people say REVIVAL = HARDWORK

and after reading pastor kong latest entry on fasting, I am so inspired to fast!

Please click on the link! :)

So I will be starting my fast next week...what about you?

So eat all I can this week!! :) haha
Have dinner at 12 midnight again, this is the 2nd time this week I have such late dinner.
In fact I also dont know if this is dinner or supper.
And GUESS what we have for DINNER at 12AM?


I like the food! It is nice... :)

2nd day without hearing Baobei's voice..Going crazy soon!
*Wonder how is Baobei doing in the mountain now?
Miss YOU!


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