I cannot resist GAGA bad romance

OK...this BAD ROMANCE song has been ringing in my head the whole day!!
Even veroy say so... haha

I am really speechless when it comes to GAGA...

You just have to see this MV for yourself. Even kaixiang says he watched at least 10 times...and me countless times.. I love this SONG. Really think GAGA is such a fashion ICON. I am impressed!

And I think not only is she a fashion icon, I think her live performances are really entertaining too. Please see the above MV. Dont be too 'hooked' on her.. :)

What I really like about her is that she dares to be different. And she is not just some artiste who only wants to look beautiful, some of her fashion are so NONO but yet she just pull it all off.

Do look at one of her live performances below....I like energy she display in her song..


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