A very looooong 3 days

Thursday to Saturday is going to be a very LOOONNGGG 3 days for me....

Because Michael is going to a CAMP that forbids HANDPHONE. What kind of camp is that?? So Sad....
I think our CAMP BELIEVE is better loh!

This is a leadership training camp for GPDI leaders somewhere up in a mountian. Anyway Michael say most likely there will not be any reception near the mountain as well. But still......... :(

Feeling so grumpy and sad now. I cant BB pin him for 3 days!!! No skype and phone call....

I feel like this is an early 2012 for me. If you dont understand what I mean, never mind.

I am just sadly ranting on my misery for 3 days.

but THANK GOD at least I am busy with things I love doing. Always feel so happy to serve HIM in HIS house. I love the house of God!

Well I still pray that God you will speak to Michael in this 3 looong days camp. I believe our separation is worthwhile for both our growth! And to me growing in God still more important :)

So if you see me looking "lost", remind me in Rom 8:28

"All things worked together for good to those who love Him....."


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