Back from Bandung (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1:

Saturday 22nd August 2009 (Day 2)

So After visting his Church and sharing word at his leaders meeting, we went to meet Benjamin and Gang for dinner! They were so nice to wait for us! We went to this place where they have alot of foodstalls maybe 30 over to 40? Its like a food court kind but I really like it because they have live band! I realised that INDO people really like music and they have like live bands at most places! Forget to add on, there is live Band at the valley too!

And guess what!?! I tried the DOG MEAT!! They called it 'Scooby Doo'. I didnt took any pictures of it, but I really dont think I will eat it again. The meat taste not so bad, like duck meat. But its the image of them killing the dog that makes me go Yucks! Someone (cant remember who) actually ask, "I wonder what is the breed of this dog?". And Baobei finished the rest of the DOG meat!

Sidetrack: I really fall in love with Strawberry JUICE!

I know Shing will probably go YUCKS...but YES, I fall in love with strawberry juice! Ever Since I ate the strawberries that they sell at the volcanoes area, I practically ordered Strawberry juice wherever I go! Strawberries are really cheap there!

And back to hotel for a rest! :) Because next morning, Me and Baobei need to go church and I need to attend one Adult and one youth service!


Jayme Shing said...
3:56 PM

I tot that was bandung drink! hahaha STRAWBERRY JUICE!!! EEE! hahahaha!!

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