Yes...Easter is here! And I am really excited for this year, I cant wait for breakthrus!

Everyday I see the drama people practise, I really think they are so sacrificing. They practise till late everynight like 1-2am! Last week manage to just catch abit of the chinese church drama practise. Even 'JESUS' falls sick and gets crucify...haha. Anyway my 'JESUS' here refers to the actor JESUS (Wei Fan). I think chinese church really need actors so most of them are SOT students that are available. Hmm let me see if I can get some of their pictures and post them up!
I havent really been taking pictures...so no picture to post up..well just some random pictures here and there....

Amy trying to 'steal' internet. :P
This photo (below) is taken at UNITY CHALET. While the rest are busy preparing for night game, here I am lazing around...haha not true, I was trying to make sure no one was awake... :) Talking about the chalet, I really want to thank all those who came over to help. I have not forgotten the the dinner treat I promise...want to specially thank DELPHINE, YANMING, DARREN, DAVID, JOYCELYN, RAVI, EUGENE and LESTER and not forgetting SHING AND XIAOSHI who really make sure all things happen...Rest of the photos....
I think DENISE is really very cute. (The small girl on the top left corner) She is always making funny faces and will always say, Amber I forget your name. And I will be like, you just called my name...haha
AND where I really want to be RIGHT NOW! I want to go holiday...ops I mean after EASTER...if possible....ok..i mean after SOT...

Bring me to the place of REST!


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