After so long...

Yes...I am updating after so long! :)
I have so many things I want to say but I seriously dont know where to start....

I am doing good in SOT, except still very busy. My only form of entertainment comes from the students I guess when they randomly ask me funny questions...

AND the best part of SOT is when I get to hear Pastor preached. I am like attending SOT all over again and the presence of GOD is so awesome...

Of course I make many many many new friends and I miss ET zone people alot! :)

Really want to thank all my HELPERS for making things happen for me whenever I am so busy. And this EASTER, God I am praying for more retention!

I remember what Jin lian said the other day; "Ever since Amber work in SOT, I dont like to read her blog, because she never updates." *guilty*

Ok lah best friend ZJL for your sake I try to update loh..

And er just to share common question that most international students asked:

"Why Singaporean girls like to say leh, loh, lah...etc."
I replied: "Its SINGLISH MAH."
And they said: "I think thats why we find Singaporean girls very cute."
and I am like !!!
And these international students consist of AMERICA, TAIWAN, INDIA, CHINA...etc.
And my heart was thinking its so funny how we try to speak less singlish when other nationality actually find that unique...


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