Unite 2009!

I am excited about UNITE 2009! Have been thinking about UNITY for very long and hence the name of this camp! When Pastor Tan preach about unity...immediately my head goes like OH..no wonder..haha...and I really believe that the camp is going to be AWESOME!

Will be very busy this week with SOT first day of school for international students.
God I really pray for strength and capacity. Taking care of the international students is really challenging. I have so many things to update and yet no time to pen it down in words...Ah..

I really need to go off to bed now cos I really look like a zombie.

I have calculated a total of 25 hours sleep for one whole week! and the rest of my time is devoted to SOT and more. I can receive up to 100 over phone calls in a day, all with different questions and enquiries:
  • How to go to School?
  • What to wear for School?
  • How is my student pass?
  • Can I change room?
  • When to pay School fees?
  • What is my internet password?
  • Who is fetching me to hostel?
  • Do you have ironing facilities?
  • Is there a discount if I pay my accommodation in FULL?
  • What books to bring on MON?
  • Which room am I staying in?
  • When is my other room mates coming?
  • ....etc
or it can simply just be as simple as telling me:
  • My phone number is *******
  • I LOST my keys
  • I broke the chair
  • I broke the table
  • I broke the tiles
  • I want to change hostel
  • I arrived in Singapore
  • ...etc

Imagine all the students asking me all these EVERY DAY!?!

But I am HAPPY serving God and being a part of bible school makes me feel so honoured! I love Jesus X 1000000000 (infinity)

Pastor ask me for a photo and I have no time even to go take a IC photo, so I gave this silly looking picture..I thought I am more beautiful than this loh...haha ok..thats a joke..:)

before I end off, just want to really thank:
for helping me for SOT matters. You guys are awesome!


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