In 2009

Let go of your past and move forward for a better year.

Thats what I need to do in year 2009. I was packing my room and I saw this photo frame that someone use to give me few years back. Behind the photo frame was these 2 lines..

If what you did yesterday seems big,
you havent done anything today.

And I begin to sit down reflecting everything that happen in year 2008. So many things have happened, some are good while some are really bad...but they are all part of my year 2008. Today is the 7th day of a new year and yet already so many things are happening! And as I pondered through every single blessings that I have at the start of this year, I really feel so blessed! Some things that had happened doesnt seem so great well I am not perfect...and there are many things I need to change in this year for a better Amber! I need some really good new year resolutions! But it is not just making those resolutions, I need to keep it.

Well a new year and a new blog skin! :) I guess that makes me feel as if I try to do something. lah what I really want to change is my be more and more like christ!
I am excited for year 2009...even right now I can feel the CHANGE..
Happy New Year to all! Though I know it seems really late to wish everyone but for me it seems as if NEW YEAR just started! A new Amber..yeah!


ED said...
8:16 PM

It seems that u are off to a good start!

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