Computer Games

These are the 2 computer games that I am currently playing now...So are you popping your eyes? haha...I know its kind of funny why am I playing these 2 games....but I really love it! And of course will be using this 2 games to plan our next LAN competition. Need to test water first to see if these 2 games are fun! :)

A quick introduction on these 2 games:

This is a very army you can see from the title.. I think its not too bad, I prefer it to DOTA at least. You can see the trailer to know more!

Left 4 dead

Next, Left 4 dead is like CS and I definitely find it more interesting than CS! :P Ops..for those CS fans out there..I am sorry. haha. Although this game can be quite 'scary' in the beginning, when you see all the zombies running towards you...but after a while you get used to it! The graphics requirements are high so when I install at my laptop, the game will lag. But nevertheless..nice game!

Look at the trailer to know more!


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