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Yes, today shall be the day or rather this shall be the entry where I seriously bother to really blog...haha..realised I didnt really write my last 2 entries.. :P

cant really remember the sequence so here it goes..

Baobei came over in December to spend XMAS with me because he say XMAS got to be spent with loved ones...and thats me! Excited... He joined us for XMAS cell group!!

We have gift exchange and Baobei played XMAS carols for us...

SO happy to see many friends on that day! Boomz..

After XMAS cg, we countdown to XMAS together...guess where do we go for XMAS countdown??

Believe it or not, we are all LAN-GAMING!! Seriously thinking back, yeah kinda unforgettable..

Spent quite a sum of money buying presents..but received alot of presents for XMAS too..

Want to say a big thank you to all who bought me a gift! :) What you have given me have left a BIG footprint in my life and I will always remember all your love for me!!

And Baobei bought me the NEW BOLD 9700! love it!! Now I am so addicted to my phone..

Michael's frens came to Singapore for holiday and we met up with them.
Look at picture below..

Baobei was busy being their photographer for that day!

We went to a couple of places for sight-seeing and they were brave enough to try the rides @ clarke quay.

And this guy above, Baobei say he is one of the actor in Indonesia. :)

but I think Baobei looks more handsome than him..haha

but then you will probably feel that all INDO look the same....haha

During this DEC trip in Singapore, we spent really alot of time eating..

Both of us really love SEAFOOD! So we have seafood for almost every lunch...

Guess how much we spend in this around 9 days dating time that we have??...haha
 I can tell you $XXXX (four figure)

Love is expensive yar? :P

And we happen to chance upon Ship Doulos!

I will blog more about this ship if I have the time..this ship is so so so cool...

and our 9 days ended when I went Malacca for our ET leaders retreat!!

It was such a mixed feeling..I was both excited and sad at the same time..sad because I have to say BYE BYE to baobei and excited because I can spend some time with the leaders!

And I think I deserve a big big clap for finishing this entry..


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