In a Nutshell

I really want to update my blog...but the lazy spirit is in me when I finally find the mood to update, I will! haha ... :)

Camp Believe was AWESOME....
I believe all the youth enjoyed themselves including me!

They were all asking me when will be the next ET camp, and I am like "GULP!"
Er....Asia Conference first I guess!! haha

Will blog and update more....

Decide to reply all the tags here cause too many...:)

Jialin: I am so happy you can come for XMAS, heard from Chinming too just now... Miss you so much!!
Yiling: thanks for dropping by! :)
Sandrea: Yes I miss you!! and today why never come for service ah??  Naughty girl lah..haha
Yuxuan: Where have you been??? Sob Sob never see you for so long
Vanessa: Yes! Will always catch your flying kiss!!
Catherine: Hmm....are you the one from children church?? if you are, I miss you too!!
Zhenwei: Yes Lady Gaga, even in camps I can find GAGA song...haha
Joycelee: where are you??? Hope to see you soon!! join us then will not sian le..
Jasmine: Miss you too!! But I just saw u today in service haha...
Small Amber: haha...everytime see you I must hug you...because we got the same name! lols the reason so lame right?
Jiaqi: SO HAPPY you are back in Singapore. Really hope to spend more time with you!!
Jolene: Er...hello...haha realised that tag was like so long ago...want to see u soon!

and to the many more people who I never replied...because it seem so long ago liao..haha
Love you all for always dropping so many tags for me...


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