I want to blog more! :)

Seriously I want to blog alot of things...so many till I dont know where to start.

Just came back not too long from my Jakarta Shopping Trip...I think I am like some mad woman who never done so much shopping in my entire life.

I think I spend four figure amount for shopping..ops..but its for investment purposes lah.

Will blog up more.

Now waiting for Baobei to SING to me before I sleep.

I feel so blessed. :)

Ever Since I know Baobei, I think I seem to be a good friend of the airport... haha

and everytime, my cg will send me off to airport or fetch me back from airport. THANKS!

Before I left for the trip they prepare sushi for me and michael to eat and force us to take this 'feeding' photo for them. One photo $10 please...haha

Anyway the flowers not for me....its for michael's mum! :)
Will update more...


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