Durian! :)

I really like this durian mousse from Durian Empire at Jurong Point. Or Simply I just love Durian.
Gosh I have cravings for Durian as I am typing right now. Maybe I should just go get one.

To those who love Durian, they love durians alot! and to those who hate Durians, they really hate it alot too~

Durian always have a special meaning for me because it reminds me of my grandfather. He will always buy a whole basket of durians for me whenever I go back to Malaysia. So whenever I have the cravings to eat durian, it also mean I am MISSING my GRANDFATHER.

and now Durians also have one more added meaning for me because my first outing with Michael was to go bugis and eat durian! haha :) I say it is an outing because we went with a group of friends who love durians too. But that was also when I get to know him more! haha

So now whenever I eat durians, you will know it is because I am either missing my grandfather or Michael.

Actually after eating durian all my workout at the gym seem wasted.

Anyway the machine you see above is to train your arms. It is like ROWING A BOAT. So guess what? I have been training for DRAGON BOAT in preparation for CAMP BELIEVE! Dun Play Play hor...


Anonymous said...
5:38 PM

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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