Updates! :)

Some random updates....
Pic below: Taken while clearing the hostels after all the students left..and this is what keep me so busy till I cannot go airport and send Michael and his family to the airport when they went back to Bandung. *guilty*

but really want to say thanks to Kaixiang Joshua and Huiting who really helped me alot! Next time we can open a professional cleaning agency together. haha
And guess whose grandparents are they?
I know they really look chinese right? haha..they are michael's grandparents!
I really love them alot. Dont you think they have a very kind look?
Cant wait to see them soon..

Michael's younger brother! :) Johan Abraham Litha
He is TALL(above 1.8m) and talented! Well everytime I see him, I just feel happy. Perhaps he has the joy of the LORD! He plays really good drums and is very talented in music. Plus, he is the worship leader of his church.
And I will never forget the first time he prayed for me.. :) thanks bram!
Spending quite some time with Xiaoshi recently! We agree to go swimming next week! YES! Finally, I have decided to be more sporty.
Been sick these few days, to those who have been praying for me, want to say a big THANK YOU! I am covered in your love for me everyday.


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