Romance of the Three Kingdoms

This is really a lame drama ... but yet it really entertains me.
Sometimes you need to learn to laugh over silly things.
Actually this drama series gets me interested in reading the book on Romance of the Three Kingdoms. So I really read the 3 kingdoms' history and honestly it is quite addictive! :)
By the way this drama do not really depicts the whole story on Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It is like the lame version of the actual story.
Well at least now if I go china and preach, I can talk about China history to the china people! haha...
And guess what?? Baobei say he read Romance of the 3 kingdom before too!
Actually I am thinking if someone can actually act out bible stories in those kind of Taiwan Drama Series, perhaps people will go read the bible. Dont you think it is a great idea?


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