Going for Dinner Soon...

I have so many things I want to blog about...

First, I want to thank God for many revelations He has given me! Especially during Dr AR Bernard tues leaders meeting, I really like the word he preach. I feel so refresh after hearing the word and I am so ever ready to be a better leader than before! I really need wisdom in my everyday life. Sometimes when I look back at all the mistakes I have done, I feel yar...silly. But I always remember ROMANS 8:28 :)

These few days as I begin to pray for my subzone, the word IMPARTATION just keep coming to me. Just sense that God really want me to impart whatever I have to the people he has put under my care. And if I really can impart one thing, I think that will be faith and revival! Throughout the years, God has really changed my thinking about leadership and its really amazing how much He has taught me these years!

Anyway feeling really happy because of the encouragement that I received these few days..

Remember International IDOL? One Korean Pastor went back to korea and he say that he wants to start a korean international idol because he was inspired! I was so happy! I feel like I have just completed a mission trip RIGHT HERE in Singapore. I really hope the event will turn out well and people's life will be impacted. And this is really what I hope to do. Before he left Singapore, He came over and said this to me:

" Thank you for changing my life and impacting me when I am in Singapore. You are one of the best leader I ever known and you are going to be greater in future. God will use you in a great way!"
And I really feel so encouraged. In my heart I am thinking there are still so many great leaders in CHC that you dont know yet...haha..
Got to go for a DINNER now... :)


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