Dinner Meeting with Pst Kong! and Michael

Went for meeting with Pst Kong and really enjoyed myself. hmm...get me really thinking about alot of things in my life. I really think he is a great man of God and I absolutely respect him. And after the meeting, I am so convicted I need to read more newspapers!
And I am really happy when Pastor Kong and Pastor Tan say they find my name familiar. That means they heard my name before they see me! Gosh!!! Haha. I hope it is the good things I have done! I really hope to grow more under their leadership! And I am really happy when they congrats me and Pastor Kong say he hope it will work well for me. I feel so blessed to have both Pst Kong and Tan to congrats me. and if you want to know what I am talking about, please look at the pic below:
Everyone in the room knows I am attached because of the tag and namelist? Anyway if you want to know the full story, feel free to ask me in person. I was kind of 'paiseh' when it was being mentioned so many times. Well but anyway YUP, picture paints a thousand words. :)

(I know alot of people have been asking me to blog about him...)

so well here it goes..

and he is Timotius Michael Litha

2 things I know about him...
1. He loves to take photo.
Pic above: taken in New York if I am not wrong, anyway I never tell him I like this picture alot..haha but I figure out when he read this he will know.
2. He loves to play bass.
Currently he plays for Indonesian Church Service, but not every week. At least not for this week. Yeah so thats why we can go out on sat night. if not every sat night he has to practise bass. And of course if you ask me I think he is a very talented musician. :)
and yup he is from Indonesia.


Joseph Kwek said...
9:50 PM

Congrats!! You found your partner in SOT!!!

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