Castaway I come...

Its 3am and I am still preparing for the camp. Yawn..really so sleepy...but still so many things I have to do..cause I am taking 2 days leave from bible school so need to make sure everything is ok while I am not around.

SOT students, please dont miss me too much!

hmm maybe I am the one who will miss them! :)

this week while I am at camp, michael will be going for mission, so yup we are going to have a spiritual week this week! haha... But I am happy for him because I believe its going to be awesome for him! He will be going to Tanjung Balai on friday to sunday while my camp is from thursday to saturday.

And I saw some really awesome jumpshot from his hardrive so I cannot resist but ask him to send me.

Haha...i think the jumpshots really look funny... :)

and I am really excited for castaway camp.

God I pray for a spiritual breakthrough for everyone in this camp and please rain down your presence. Every heart shall be touched and everyone will encounter you in camp!

love you God to the max...I am not perfect but you always love me so much!


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