The Holy WAR!

Last Sun after service, we played the Holy WAR! :) It was a fun time of war between heaven and hell. All of us have to play a certain role in the game.

Keeper of light
Elite Angel

Keeper of Dark
Elite Dark Angel
Dark Angels
Dark Priests

And the aim of the game is to find our own relic and clue to end the game. Hell people have to find a black bible while Heaven people have to find a holy grail. During the game if you are being caught, you have to be punished! My role is as the Elite Angel and I have a fun time saboing people! Ops..haha I have a fun time painting nails! :)

To see more photos, you can go seowshi blog!

And the winner goes to HEAVEN! yeah! Well it was quite a close fight...hell almost won if they manage to find their relic except somehow it just got lost among the 'flower pots'. And we all have a jolly good time!

I feel this game is fun except that the briefing can be really long because you have to make sure that everyone know their roles well. So from now till the next HOLY WAR..lets wait in anticipation again!

Updates to love is in the AIR!

and yup forget to mention in the previous entry.. that they bought me a love lotion! :) Well its actually an eye bath lotion with lots of love written on it. Thanks girls. I will use it! And till then see you all again soon!


ED said...
11:04 PM


Sounds like a very fun & creative game!

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