Barack Obama : The first black American President!

Haha yup...fresh from oven...


Finally the result is known! Barack Obama, the first black American President! I am not really a follower of the US election news but for those pple who are interested to know... He is the chosen one! So Congrats to Obama, but anyway he will never get to see this post :) but never mind perhaps in heaven I can say Hi to him?

I guess the good part about this is He is at least a christian, so hopefully he can make godly decisions in every areas of his life and really bring America to a better place! I think he do has quite a warm and pleasant face. Thats as much as I will comment about him because I never like to engage in political war with people. :)

And by the way, when I was younger...few years ago...I really love George Bush alot. Haha, I dont know why but I just like him. He got such a kind face and I just kind of support him. I am not exactly someone who follows politics so dont ask me if i think politically he make a right or wrong decision. All I remember was putting him on the wallpaper of my fujitsu laptop and he became my screen saver. Funny right? I remember my friends will all go EEks..and ask me if I am alright because they rather see like some actors or singers as my wallpaper. But I really sincerely thought George Bush was handsome and I kept quite a few articles about him. i do still think he looks HANDSOME! Haha...but dont worry..I dont think I will put Obama as my wallpaper. But I will remember to pray for America! :)


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