Hunks Night!

Yeah...Hunks Night finally ended. :) The guys are happy, God is happy and Amber is happy. haha have alot of photos, I seriously dont know how to blog it up...really alot...over 200? I only have a few photos, majority with Jonathan..but I have videos! Yup long awaited videos..

Drama was funny and really make me laugh hard, especially Adam (Joshua) and Eve (Melvin). Not forgetting the tree that speaks and make me knock my head..haha..anyway if you want to look at the photos, please do go to cg blog for more...

And the long awaited videos!!!!

Xiaoshi Leading Games

Kaixiang leading worship (I surrender all)

Kaixiang Preaching (Mock CG)

Joshua Leading Worship (One Life One Love)

Joshua Preaching (Mock CG)

and lastly the games sabo... (led by Douglas & Waikit)

To all the great hunks out there, lets keep on loving God and loving people!


ED said...
12:02 PM


looks like Joshua and Kaixiang did a great job preaching!

Well done!!!

kaiser said...
4:35 AM

:)) thank you!! Glory to God. ahaha hunks' night was great!!

more hunks' night.
more special speakers.

Joshua said...
11:13 PM

Thanks a lot Brother Edmund, appreciate it! :D

We'll keep giving inn our best for the glory of God! PTL!

And I agree with Kai Xiang, more Hunk's night!!!

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