Loving People Fervently 2

Amber is shouting "I need to love people."

I need to love people who lied to me before.
I need to love people who hurt me deep before.
I need to love people who backstab me before.
I need to love people who disappoint me before.
I need to love people who hate me before.

What love do you have if you only love those who love you?
God sometimes do really have a way of doing things.

Revival can be hard but I am not stepping down. :)

When you need to fight a war, you need people to stand beside you. They are more than just soldiers. Soldiers have certain loyalty. But if we are a family, then no matter what ups and downs we can go through together! So here goes….

Thanks KAI (Your Fav colour)
For the night with many tissues…and the smses that bring many smiles. Words cannot express how encourage I am by the words you say. But yet Wah…it makes me feel so loved, appreciated and brings me hope! Thanks Thanks Thanks X 1000000000...

Thanks XS
Yes girl…It is you. Haha…Really want to give you a big hug for always supporting me. Though we always seem to experience weird situation together, but really appreciate your love and trust in me. BFF! Mountains seem big ahead but I am really glad you are here with me!

Thanks JOSH
For your ‘revival’ look that day. I am impressed and I can sense a difference. I can see you are trying your best and I really feel you are so cool…when I saw your ‘revival’ look that day, I know you really tried to love. Jia you! And thanks for that night of encouragement even though u fell asleep halfway….ZZzzzzzzzzz

Thanks JON!!! (best cousin)
What can I say? You are simply awesome. The more I know you, the more I am convinced you are my cousin tht God has created for me! When you mention ‘Yellow ribbon’, I really WAH! You win liao. When I thought I already love people a lot, you show me a even greater sacrifice, things that I will not even have the strength to do it. Because of your example, you give me strength and hope! :)


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