Busy Busy Week

Going to have a busy week.....hmm planning CG and own stuffs! Yesterday after service, was so busy with our new revival project that I realised I didnt take any photos...haha...

We sat down and start discussing at 4plus, staring at the screen...didnt even realised time passed..till my stomach started to make noise...guess the time!! 9.30pm!! Straight 5 hours of work....but I am happy. Serving God always make me happy. Yippee...

Eventually we left Ziyang hse at 1030pm? And still we are halfway through? haha but at least we managed to solve most of our problem. :)

Have a few revelations this week(will post up soon)....PM was good! I want more more!

Activities for OCT
POST exam party + OCT birthday Party on 11th Oct
EDGE night on 17th Oct
(Big Project to be launched on 1st Oct)
Planning for New outreaches from now till Christmas
OCT Prayer Meeting
....and many more..............

Shall end here and update later... :)


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