A very BIG CONGRATULATIONS to those who are being water baptised! You guys are indeed the salt of the earth and light of the world. I believe God is similing in heaven and He said, "These are my beloved Sons in whom I am well pleased!"

This brought me back to the days when I decided to go for water baptism. I was like them, full of excitement and joy, and I truly believe that as I make this decision to publicly proclaim Jesus is my LORD and God is my FATHER, God will be very happy with me! Anyway it is always good to see more people added into the Kingdom of God. And of course not forgetting my cousin..haha...and my aunt and family who came and supported him. It is always nice to see your family in church, because this should be the place where we all grow up together.

Once again congrats to JOYCE, CRYSTAL, CANDACE, SARAH, ZEPHYA, PAUL and JONATHAN! let us run this race together and be a good finisher!


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