M.A.H.P : Melting. Amber. Heart. Project

What can I say? You guys are just simply awesome...really you are..Thank you so much for all those who played a part in the video. No matter how small your part is, you do make a difference and have melted my heart. If you have not seen the video they have done for me, please do look. Oh Gosh, they are just so talented arent they? Ok guys, you really melt my heart...and what am I supposed to do? Haha More Bible Studies for you? Or more OUTreaches?

From the bottom of my heart....Thank you for the video. You guys make me so honoured to be your CGL and you know I can really just agree to any request you have made cause you all make me so in LOVE with CG. And through this I have a revelation...if all of us can melt God's heart, I believe there is nothing that He will turn us down if its truly good for us. He will give us the strength, the power, the anointing and the REVIVAL, if we truly melt God's heart.

So are you ready to melt God's heart together with me? :)


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