Inspired: A new way of laying hands

I am really inspired by Dr Joshua Hong from Yoido Full Gospel Church. If your church is over 800000 strong, yup I guess this is really a faster way. If I do this in CG, I think my altar call will be over in less than 5 mins. Haha! Me and dorcas were discussing, perhaps we can have 4 altar calls in one CG with this new way of laying hands! :P

But then of course, if God has not called you to lay hands in this manner, please dont try this in CG ok? Remember you are not Dr Joshua Hong!
God, I am really hungry for revival.
Everytime when God wants to do a new wave of revival, He always give me a word. In my short 4 years of being a CGL, I have experience different revival.
And every revival is : Similar yet different.
I know God is going to do a new revival soon. Even Tianyi and Joycelyn can feel the difference. Honestly I am very EXCITED.
Today Pastor Bobby ask me, how big is your subzone now? I say around 50-60. Then he ask so how big you want your subzone to grow by end of the year. I say maybe 70-80. And he say,
"Why not 100?"
and he continued, "Amber, think and plan for 100."
that really gets me thinking hard. So I pray and ask God to really guide me.
And guess what? Somehow He just gave me a NEW idea. So whats the NEW idea? :)


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