Emerge was fun and I didnt really take much photos...so here goes!

Me and TerTer
Trying to act silly...but I realised she fooled me..cos only I stuck out my tongue...unfair!

Jinsheng was trying to act like a photographer...and er he didnt really have good skills..haha..but when he try to cue us to take photos, we were really giggling like mad... :)
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
And Yup torance first Emerge Dance! He cant stop talking about his TALL hair tht day.

And Jinsheng again trying to take me and Xiaoting...but see He really dont have much skills. And I think Xiaoting was 'fed up' with him. Look at her hands...
and I really love every min spent with Ting...

and lastly,
Happy Belated Birthday to TER-TER

What can I say? Except I really love you alot! Thanks for being so sweet to me always. I will never forget the love you have for me!


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