Never Ending Quiz...

Sarah say doing quiz will kill time so I tried...

1. My friends ..
Will all go heaven with me!

2. I'm listening to ..
My God Reigns? Its in my blog choice haha

3. Maybe i should learn ..
To be better in everything I do?

4. I love ..
God (obviously), talking, xiaohei and yellow

5. My plan ..
For today? ZONE WEBSITE! Haha Please log on to for more information

6. I dont understand ..
Why pple can be so mean at times

7. I lost ..
$50? I think so…cant find it..and I don’t think xiaohei took it

8. People say ..
Hallelujah? Haha

9. I'm missing ..
YOU! (If you think its you then its you loh)

10. Love means ..
Commitment, Trust and Understanding

11. Somewhere, someone is ..
Hurting like crazy and I hope to preach the gospel to them

12. I'm always searching for ..

13. Forever seems ..
a beautiful word! I am forever in love with Jesus.

14. I do not want to ..
forget the love you have for me.

15. My mobile phone ..
is Samsung Omnia…and I drop my phone 8 times in 4mths!

16. When i wake up in the morning ..
I brush my teeth and pet xiaohei on the head

17. I get annoyed when ..
Pple give me a lousy attitude and say it is impossible.

18. Parties are ..
FUN and Exciting!

19. Hugs or kisses ?
I want BOTH. Ok I am greedy.

20. Today i ..
Am feeling happy!

21. Tomorrow i will be ..
Even happier

22. I really want ..
To fulfill my destiny in Christ. Life is short

23. i ..
Am tired of answering so many questions…so yup will end here..haha

and I never finished the quiz.... haha..supposed to have over 30 questions I think... :)


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