Bling & CG

Yes...we all went for bling bling last saturday and we have a bling bling awesome time together with much bling bling laughter and joy. Of course the best part is we won the bling bling best dressed cg. I dont have much photos with yup here goes!

Awaiting for more photos to be uploaded! :)

CellGroup Fellowship can be very fun if everyone participate in it...

Lesean doing his CHINAWINE SABO.... haha

it takes effort for everyone to fellowship together. And I am glad that there are members in my cg who 'die die' also want to fellowship...but on the other hand there are also members who 'die die' dont want to fellowship. But God says we are brothers and sisters, a family! And we need to fellowship in the light! Going to blog more about this...but shall end here first... :)


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