A big Thank You!

Just want to say a big thank you to all who really make a big difference in my birthday celebration this year..you guys really make me SMILE!
What makes my birthday unforgettable?
A driver for a whole week.
A gold medal with my name on it.
A meaningful photoframe.
Eating Crabs at No Signboard Seafood! (I love crabs)
Many Birthday Cakes (Yum!)
A black shirt (with mirror image)
Many Note books.
ED hardy Shirt! (Yes!!)
A brown bag.
Picnic at MOUNT FABER! (Curry Chicken,Nuggets...etc)
Many Birthday Wishes thru SMS, Tagboard and Blog.
A pair of New Urban Male slippers. (gold colour)
A pair of pink heels.
A pair of dangling earrings.
2 more 'xiaohei's. (Black and white softtoy cat)
A chocolate of love.
Picnic at Esplanade. (with balloons, candlelights, fav songs, very nice western food)
An Anna Sui hoodie (I bought for myself)
A very big 'amber' card.

Hope I never miss out any presents... but what really makes it special is perhaps picnic at mount faber and esplanade. I really appreciate the planning, the cooking, the late nights, the 'surprise'... and many many more. I hope I can blog up all the photos but still waiting for them to pass to me... :) QUICK! haha

I really have alot of people I want to say thanks too...esp to Torance, Karwen, Eileen Yap, Chinming, Karyie, Xiaoshi, Kaixiang, Joshua, Jonathan for that two WONDERFUL DELICIOUS PICNICS.

(hope to upload the pictures asap!)

Below is a video taken while setting up picnic at mount faber.. :) Ok..I force them to speak in chinese because I want to improve my chinese haha...


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