A Shirt bought on a RAINY DAY

I will always remember this shirt... :) Bought it on a RAINY DAY! That day was rushing after work to Jerb CGC prayer meeting, it was raining CATS n DOGS. I have no umbrella with me and I am stuck on my way to SUNTEC. The rain was really BIG. I didnt want to miss PM so I decide to run in the HEAVY RAIN. The rain was so big that it only took seconds to drench me completely. How drenched you might wonder? Well wet enough to even have 2 passerbys asking: "Are you alright miss?" and "Is it raining outside?" Everyone was staring at me on the train and I feel really paiseh...but thinkin of PM, I think it was worth it! Haha and because I was so drenched, KX acc me to buy this shirt so that I can change before going PM. But what really make this whole thing so memorable....This is the first time I actually run in such rain before. In fact from young I dont like rain and I will never allow myself to run in the rain even if I am late for school. But as I run in the rain, I really feel happy? haha....its like I am running towards God despite my discomfort...and...money lost...haha i really would not have bought this shirt if not for the rain.


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