Fashion Runway!

Hmm I wonder if this trend will ever take place in Singapore? Haha Reminds me of this person at my workplace. He is a lecturer and everytime he sees me he will say 'HEI SI WAH'. (Black Stockings) haha..what a silly nickname he gave me.

Actually I have been looking at guys' fashion these few days because I am thinking how can I actually get the guys in my cg to dress smarter..haha so yup. I cannot imagine Joshua and Kaixiang wearing that. :) That would be funny. Maybe I should enforce. Haha Joshua, when are we going shopping ah? I want to help you choose! Hehe..Maybe if this trend ever did come in Singapore, Torance I am sure I can see u in black stockings soon... Guess for the below 4 outfits, which one will I like the most?
Ans: The first one! (Pink Outfit) or The third one! (with black shades)
(Please highlight the above ans. It is written in white)


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